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Secret Language March 29, 2006

Posted by LHK in Uncategorized.

There was a time that Adam and I were wandering in and out of Pottery Barn and the Lindt chocolate boutique and other yupptastic stores in Lenox Mall. I happened to hear the laryngitic wailing of Chris Martin on “Speed of Sound” playing in several different stores, and so I theorized to Adam, “Someday, the word music will be replaced by the word Coldplay. You know, ‘Let’s make some coldplay!’ or ‘Turn that damn coldplay down!’ or ‘I wish they would turn off the elevator coldplay in the dentist’s office.'”

And Adam dared to take my theory a step further. “What if all words were replaced by ‘Coldplay’?”

Thus, a longstanding joke came into its unfortunate existence.

It’s actually a really great, all-purpose word. You can use it as an expression of bewilderment (“Cold…play?”), a general swear (“Uuughhh… coldplay“), or a stand-in for basic conversation (“Coldplay coldplay?” “Coldplay!”).

We eventually had to branch out, though. So we can now have conversations like this:

L: Coldplay?
A: Jack Johnson.
L: Jack Johnson?
A: Coldplay coldplay, coldplay.
L: Post-Achtung Baby U2!
A: Dave Matthews.

And we wonder why we never have anyone over for dinner.



1. Joanna - August 29, 2008

LMAO!! Seriously, girl, I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when you and he are just hangin’ out, by yourselves… :-0

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