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Who are the people in your neighborhood? August 20, 2008

Posted by LHK in Atlanta.

I appreciate having a downstairs neighbor who’s a witty septugenarian. For those of us who aren’t able to be home during business hours to keep tabs on the neighborhood, he e-mails updates on the goings-on regarding the independently-owned pharmacy that’s across from the Walgreens up the street:

Fulton County marshalls are actively evicting homesteaders from Crackhouse today. At 12:30 pm a red Ford pickup with two debutantes and a black male bade farewell with the truck bed filled with enough sleeping bags and cots to set up a Boy Scout jamboree camp.

Last Thursday afternoon, amazingly enough, a lawn maintenance crew was busy trying to spruce up the Crackhouse yard. They were even using an edger.

The crackhouse, actually, is more of a crack motel. Over a year ago, I took to calling it “Crackton Arms,” and the name stuck. It’s due to be leveled pretty soon, though, which means the biggest drama in the neighborhood will default to trying to get the dudes in the next building over to quit playing their Tejano music at three in the morning.



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