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Bookshelf-O-Rama October 6, 2008

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After putting our books through many years of suffering, we’ve finally given them a proper home. I admit there was something fun about having books all over the house (a stack on the coffee table, a couple on the dresser, a few on the mail table), but the state of our literary disorganization was getting ridiculous. We had one short and rickety bookshelf in our bedroom, and then, in the home office, one tall bookshelf with bowed shelves and one squatter bookshelf with non-bowed shelves. Nothing was in any sort of order. You’d find an old paperback of The Time Machine next to a David Sedaris book next to a Shakespeare anthology next to The Book Thief.

No more. We bought three tall shelves from IKEA and set them up in the office. Now everything has a designated shelf – poetry, YA, anthologies, memoirs, classics, cookbooks, SF and fantasy, contemporary fiction, all my blasted books about writing… and on and on. You can see a bit of it here: two shelves of contemporary fiction (plus a red robot, and the temporary home of my library books), plus my all-John-Updike-all-the-time shelf. I have hardback first editions of all the Rabbit books except Rabbit, Run. You can also see a bit of my YA shelf to the bottom left.

(As I’ve been organizing the books, I’ve had to face that some shelves don’t accurately reflect my literary taste. I mean, if you got a look at the whole YA shelf, you’d think I was a huge fan of Harry Potter and Edward Cullen, with only minor dalliances for Markus Zusak, Rob Thomas, and Nancy Werlin.)

Also, I finally got the chance to rescue a bunch of my old books from my parents’ house. I feared that a lot of them were still in the basement, but at least that wasn’t the case. Most were on the bookshelves in what used to be my bedroom. My mom was thankful that I freed up enough space for her to start buying books again.

But look what I did find in the basement! A copy of The Best Short Stories of 1918 (a bit sooty and dusty, but fine to read once you get past the initial sneezing fit), as well as Big Zachary*, the stuffed monkey that sat on my bed all throughout college. Here they are getting acquainted on the reading chair.

* = Big Zachary was missing for so long that Adam and I began verbally creating his Captivity Journal. “Day 678 in captivity. Still very dark and cardboard in here. Will continue to wait for rescue.”



1. strugglingwriter - October 7, 2008

Very cool. I know what you mean by “I’ve had to face that some shelves don’t accurately reflect my literary taste.”

Also, I love the little robot in the photo.

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